Hedgerows at ALBA (Agricultural Land-Based Association) in Salinas Valley


Short hedgerow shrubs and yarrow on a berm


Pots of shrubs and trees laid out for hedgerow in Central Valley


Same plants grown up into well-developed hedgerow, 6 years later, in Central Valley


Perennials (Yarrow, Penstemon, Aster, Hummingbird Sage, Gumplant) in Hedgerow


Annual flowers as hedgerow on Singing Frogs Farm


Young hedgerow on Strawberry farm


Same hedgerow, two years later


Good Place for a Hedgerow



New Hedgerow on the edge of a vineyard

Hedgerow sequence on T&D Willey Farms, Madera, CA:

Solarizing the beds in the Central Valley, to kill weed seeds


Newly planted hedgerow


Same hedgerow, one year later

Two years later

Food Safety Issues


Silt fence along hedgerow, for food safety


Factors to be considered before deciding on whether animals are a food safety concern:

  • number of animals
  • type of animals
  • type of crop
  • harvest procedure
  • neighboring influences
  • pathogen of concern
  • additional processing

Monitor the crop, not the habitat planting.

Take action if crop damage or animal feces are observed.

Source: Wild Farm Alliance